Running gear

Example for EQUIPMENT required at the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc:

Obligatory material :
- mobile phone with option enabling its use in the three countries
(put in one’s repertoire the security numbers of the organisation, keep it switched on, do not hide one’s number and do not forget to set off with recharged batteries)
- personal cup or tumbler 15cl minimum (water bottle not acceptable)
- stock of water minimum 1 litre,
- two torches in good working condition with replacement batteries,
- survival blanket 1.40m x 2m minimum
- whistle,
- adhesive elastic band enable making a bandage or a strapping (mini 100cm x 6 cm),
- food reserve,
- jacket with hood and made with a waterproof (recommendation: minimum 10,000 Schmerber) and breathable (recommendation: RET lower than 13) membrane (Gore-Tex or similar) which will withstand the bad weather in the mountains.
- long running trousers or leggings or a combination of leggings and long socks which cover the legs completely,
- warm long sleeved clothing (type « second layer », cotton excluded) of a weight of 180g minimum
- cap or bandana
- warm hat
- warm and waterproof gloves
- waterproof over-trousers

Required by the frontier police forces:
- identity papers

Very strongly recommended
- walking poles for security on slippery ground in case of rain or snow
- a change of warm clothes indispensable in the case of cold weather, rain or injury
- the sum of 20 euros minimum (in order to cover the unexpected....)

Advised (list not definitive):
Telescopic sticks, change of clothing, compass, knife, string, sun cream, Vaseline or anti-chaffing cream, needle and thread,...